Door to Door Organics: Local Produce and More Delivered Right to Your Door

With hectic work schedules and after school activities, everyone is looking for a little more convenience in their lives. When it comes to cooking, I am always looking for ways to save time yet still have nutritious meals that meet my dietary restrictions. Fresh produce always seems to run out quickly in our household, usually right when I need it as an ingredient for a dinner recipe. I have used grocery delivery services in the past, but often found their organic produce and natural grocery products limited. Given my dietary restrictions, I still ended up at one if not more stores to get all of the items that I needed.

Door to Door Organics is a fairly new company to Chicagoland, providing customers with the convenience of fresh organic produce and select natural grocery items delivered right to their doors. Door to Door is a great concept in that it delivers the best of local, seasonal produce and couples that with select groceries for special diets. Door to Door offers several produce boxes for weekly or bi-weekly delivery: bitty, bitty local, small, medium, and large. The bitty box is geared towards a single cook, while the large produce box accommodates a family.

I received a complimentary bitty local farm box from Door to Door several weeks ago that was brimming with the following produce: a bunch of beets, 2 sweet corn, 2 green peppers, a bunch of kale, arugula, jalapeno peppers, and mixed greens for sauteing. Hmmm....what to make?

Day 1: We sauteed the greens with tuna steaks that evening. Delish.

Day 2: I added the arugula to a bag of mixed salad greens I already had in the fridge to freshen up a lunch salad.

Day 3: We added a green pepper from our garden to the green peppers from Door to Door and made Southwest Stuffed Green Peppers. The sweet corn and jalapeno peppers from Door to Door added to the southwestern flavor.

Day 4: We had a cool weekend ahead, so I decided to make my favorite Tuscan Bread Soup using the bunch of kale. Such comfort food.
Door to Door's focus on organic produce and products along with their connection to local farms is unique.  Their grocery items include some of my favorite organic and natural product lines: Amy's, Pacific Foods, Muir Glen, and Annie's.  Many of these brands contain gluten and dairy free items. Adding even more groceries for special diets can make Door to Door a one-stop shopping vendor for many people like me....and without having to leave the comfort of my couch. Yeah!

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