Gluten Free Cooking Demonstration at Whole Foods (Update)

UPDATE: This class has been canceled due to lack of interest. Bummer! Let's hope there will be enough interest to have something like this again in the near future.

What a better way to add some new recipes to your gluten free cooking repertoire than by attending a cooking class? Jen Cafferty, founder of the Gluten Free Expo, will be sharing recipes for outdoor entertaining at the Palatine Whole Foods this Tuesday, July 26th. Class starts at 7pm and registration is $5. Call (847) 776-8080 for details and to sign up.

Jen will be preparing the following recipes:

Quinoa Salad with Summer Vegetables
Sweet & Tart Slaw
Chocolate Berry Parfaits

I will be attending and hope to see you there!


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  • I have to admit I was very sad Jen's class got canceled. I've been to several in the past and they are a great meet up event. She takes questions on the menu items as well as talks about questions on being gluten free, tips for meal ideas and makes you feel "normal" for an hour, and you get to chat with others who know how it feels. Plus you get to try the food, and sometimes there are other free samples. Hope she tries again for another class, maybe after summer when schedules aren't as crazy!

  • In reply to poohbear3081:

    Yes, these classes do sound like a great way to sample good food, share ideas, and meet people living gluten free as well. I will keep my eyes open for any future sessions. In the meantime, there are Gluten Intolerance Group chapters throughout Chicagoland that get together to share ideas and meet up at local restaurants.

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