Picking Favorites on Food Network Star

I am not one to watch and comment on reality TV series, but I could not pass up the opportunity to cheer on a friend, fellow Carl Sandburg High School graduate, and my favorite contestant on the Food Network's "Food Network Star" - Orchid Paulmeier.

Raised in Chicagoland, Orchid now lives in Bluffton, SC where she reigns
as a southern barbecue queen and owner of One Hot Mama's restaurant.
Her effervescent personality and charm have not changed one bit since
her high school days and make her well suited to be Food Network's next

In its seventh season, Food Network Star is hosted by chefs Bobby Flay
and Giada de Laurentis. Each week, the cast of 15 hopefuls is put through
their cooking paces to prepare and present dishes for a panel of
judges, including other celebrity chefs and television producers.  Drama
ensues as ingredients go missing, meals are flubbed, and contestants
are eliminated. The final contestant is awarded his or her own series on
the Food Network.

Orchid wowed the panel of judges in the first episode with her natural
on-air presence and delicious breakfast entree. This past week's episode
was a bit tougher as the show's primary antagonist, Penny Davidi, deliberately placed
Orchid in a group with intimidating ingredients in the hopes of getting
her eliminated.  

Despite the drama, Orchid held her own and continues into next week's
episode as one of the judges' favorites. Keep going, Orchid! I look
forward to watching your television series on the Food Network and hope
you can sneak in a gluten free recipe or two for me!


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