I Heart Woodman's

I used to consider shopping at two to
three different grocery stores plus the health food store part of my
shopping "routine" until I discovered Woodman's in Carpentersville. It
is still a good 20 minute drive from home, but in my opinion, well worth
it for their selection and pricing of gluten free products. Half of my
household still continue to eat gluten, so I need to purchase
traditional grocery items as well as my specialty foods. Their pricing
on all grocery items seems to be one of the best in the area, and bulk items are comparable with Walmart. Overall, it is
almost a third less than Jewel and Dominick's prices.

Woodman's has a wide variety of meats, fresh produce, cheeses, canned and dry goods, as well as frozen
foods. They have two full aisles dedicated to gluten free/casein free
and organic products, which include frozen gluten free entrees, breads,
baking and dessert items. Numerous other, mainstream gluten and dairy free
items can be found throughout the store in their respective sections.

Here are just a few of my favorites that are carried by Woodman's in Carpentersville:

  • Udi's Bread, Bagels, and Muffins
  • Kinnickkinnick Bagels, Chocolate Donuts, and boxed cookies
  • Schar's Classic White Rolls, breads, and crackers
  • Food for Life Gluten Free English Muffins
  • Tinkyada Pastas
  • Van's Waffles (Berry Flax - yum!)
  • Amy's Frozen Gluten Free/Dairy Free Pizzas
  • Bob's Red Mill baking flours and mixes
  • Handmade on Main Gluten Free Granolas and granola bars
  • Mesa Sunrise and Enjoy Life Cereals plus other gluten free cereal brands
  • Koala Kids Snack Bars
  • Glutino Breakfast Bars
  • Almond Breeze, Rice Dream, Silk Almond Milks
  • Tofutti Cream Cheese
  • So Delicious Coconut Yogurts, Cultured Coconut Milk (Kefir), and ice cream varieties
  • Gluten Freeda Gluten Free Frozen Burritos (great for a quick lunch or snack)
  • Applegate Farms Organic Gluten/Casein Free Deli Meats

Plus much much more. They have a second location in North Aurora as well. The
only downside is that they do NOT accept credit cards. So, come prepared
with either your checkbook or a debit card. The best part is that they
have extra large carts with a built-in park
bench! I strap the kids in to the bench seat, we cruise the cart over to
the book/magazine section, and they pick out their favorite reading
material for the ride. Now we are all set for a peaceful shopping
experience :)

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