Cubs Hit a Home Run with Gluten Free Concessions

The forecast is for a rain/snow mix, so it must be Opening Day for the Chicago Cubs. Last summer, my husband and I were fortunate enough to score a babysitter for
the entire day to enjoy a Cubs game on a hot, sunny July afternoon. I was a
little concerned though when I started thinking about what my dining options
would be at Wrigley Field.

After a phone call and lengthy conversation
with a representative from Levy Restaurants, manager of Wrigley's concessions, I was pleasantly surprised to
know that they offered a few gluten free options at several of their
concession areas (Sheffield Grill, Brew House) for those gluten
intolerant fans with more options to come in 2011.

I recently contacted Levy Restaurants to see what their offerings might be for the 2011 season. Levy manages concessions not only for Wrigley Field, but US Cellular Field, United Center, Ravinia, Toyota Park, and Arlington Race Track as well. As of March 28, 2011 they are now offering dedicated Gluten Free/Celiac-friendly concessions stands. Some items offered at these stands will include gluten free beer, loaded nachos, hot dogs with gluten free buns, as well a variety of gluten free snacks (potato chips, gummy bears). They will also use dedicated serving utensils for these gluten free stands, so there is no risk of cross-contamination.  

Dining areas within each of the stadiums will also be offering more substantial gluten free fare. For instance, Sections 119 and 108 at United Center will offer turkey, brisket, and pulled pork with Sweet Baby Ray's barbecue sauce (gluten free), along with gluten free corned beef and roast beef sandwiches. Cellular Field already offers gluten free sandwiches, ice cream, chocolate
chip cookies, and Bard's Tale gluten free beer.

So, buy some bleacher seat tickets and get ready to enjoy baseball season with a gluten free hot dog and a frosty Redbridge beer!


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  • This is great! After reading this post, we have learned that several other fields are doing this too! Way to go Wrigley's and Levy Restaurants!

  • We are pleased that we were able to partner with Levy Restaurants to provide Gluten-free and Allergy-friendly products at Wrigley Field this year. We are providing great tasting products for people with gluten intolerance, as well as products that are free of the 8 common allergens. We are very excited about this new partnership.

    Joel Warady
    Enjoy Life Foods

  • Well, that's a step in the right direction. Now it would be great if we had some vegetarian options as well. Besides pretzels and French fries.

  • It's official, the Cubs or should I say the "Cubbies" are the wimpiest team in baseball. Forget the fact the we suck, year in and year out. Forget the fact that most fans are there to be seen and not watch the game. And forget the fact that we couldn't even come up with a better HBO special, about loserdom, than Boston's "Reverse the Curse". Now we're serving gluten free food to fans that can't even tolerate a disease filled Hot Dog? I'm done! If you're so weak that you couldn't eat a "Pro's Pizza" that was dropped on the ground or a frosty malt that was so cold it ripped the roof of your mouth off while leaving splinters in your tongue from the warped wooded spoon then G-d help us!

  • In reply to tlc5300:

    Why are you such a downer? Food allergies are real. What's wrong with trying to accommodate the customer? Ricketts hasn't done much right since taking over the Cubs, but you can't fault him on this one.

  • In reply to KPOM:

    exactly, and what's wrong with marketing your ballpark food to multiple demographics? Considering that the Cubs have the second highest (NYY #1) ticket prices in baseball, they least they can do is provide as many choices as possible for the consumer

  • In reply to tlc5300:

    And how exactly does eating garbage filled with bacteria and germs make you "tough"?? We all just became dumber for having read your comment. You sound exactly like the meatheads who criticized Jay Cutler for not being "tough."

    But it's ok, let the rest of us who care about wellness and our own personal health live longer. Reckless idiots like you can die off and thin out the heard for us.

    Natural selection at its finest.

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