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I Heart Woodman's

I used to consider shopping at two to three different grocery stores plus the health food store part of my shopping “routine” until I discovered Woodman’s in Carpentersville. It is still a good 20 minute drive from home, but in my opinion, well worth it for their selection and pricing of gluten free products. Half... Read more »

Gluten Free Breakfast of Champions - The Smoothie

Since Wheaties are no longer a breakfast menu option in our household, we have turned our sights to the blender and its seemingly endless possibilities of breakfast concoctions. The kids look forward to choosing which fruit will succumb to the power of the blades as well as who gets first dibs on pressing “pulse” or... Read more »

Got Easter Leftovers? Try Gluten Free Pot Pie

The hidden eggs have been discovered, the chocolate bunnies have been devoured (or at least their ears nibbled off), and the fancy dishes are all put away. Easter celebrations may be over, but we still have the fabulous leftovers to enjoy! If you are like me, you may have added a little Easter ham to... Read more »

Gluten and Dairy Free Easter Menu: Easy and Elegant

If you haven’t already planned your Easter menu, here are some easy and delicious options for a completely gluten and dairy free Easter meal. Ham, potatoes, and asparagus are traditional fare, but I’ve added a little twist to each for added flavor without much fuss. The butter lamb was always a tradition in our household,... Read more »

Chicago Radio Personalities Advocate for Celiac Awareness

It was 10 years ago that Steve King, host of The Steve and Johnnie Show on WGN Radio AM 720 was diagnosed with celiac sprue. Since then, he and his wife, Johnnie Putman, have been educating listeners about the disease and living the gluten free lifestyle. Over those 10 years, they have featured celiac disease... Read more »

A Radio Appearance

I will be appearing tonight, Monday April 18th around midnight on the WGN AM 720 radio show “The Steve and Johnnie Show” with hosts, Steve King and Johnnie Putman. Steve was diagnosed with celiac disease 10 years ago, and with the upcoming Gluten and Allergen Free Expo, we will be talking about celiac disease and living gluten... Read more »

Headache, Chills, and Nausea Oh My! Gluten Free OTC Medications

With two little children running around the house, our family usually seems to contract some sort of virus that overextends its stay in our household. Despite slathering on the “hanitizer”, as my daughter call the bottles of hand sanitizer scattered throughout our home, we are down for the count. Looking for some temporary relief, I... Read more »

Chicago Gluten and Allergen Free Expo: April 29 - May 1

With over 70 vendors offering samples of their products, the 4th annual Gluten and Allergen Free Expo at the Wyndham Hotel in Lisle is a great opportunity to sample new gluten free products on the market. All vendors’ products are gluten free and many are free of the top 8 allergens as well. It really... Read more »

In the News...Celiac Research and New Gluten Free Products

It seems new gluten free products are popping up on a daily basis. Here are some new product offerings and interesting research findings pertaining to celiac disease. Celiac Disease – Asthma Connection A recent study of Swedish patients with celiac disease showed an increased risk of developing asthma when compared to patients Swedish patients without... Read more »

Biscotti Break

I found myself reminiscing about past vacations to Italy the other day, so I decided to try and re-create a bit of the experience here at home. I will provide details and helpful tips about traveling overseas with celiac in a separate post, but for now, wanted to share this recipe for chocolate chip biscotti. ... Read more »