What if .... you could clone yourself?

What if .... you could clone yourself?

Many years ago I heard a woman speak on the topic of career planning, and she posed a question I have always remembered. "If you could clone yourself and create 5 (your name)'s , then send each one out in the world in a different job, what would those jobs be?  You must suspend reality for a second. Don't worry that you can't live on the salary or you need a PhD for one of the jobs, just come up with a list of five jobs for your clones.

My Clones:

  1. school counselor
  2. creator of a program that helps young people find direction in careers and life
  3. travel writer or photographer
  4. dress designer
  5. documentary film maker

NEXT, ask yourself, "What do all these clone jobs have in common?" Look for the common denominators, so to speak.

My example: creativity, positive impact on people, allow for inovation, allow some flexibility in the way you do it.

Hopefully, this will give you some insight, or at least some potential options to ponder! If not, it is a fun game to play at a party! Try it out in a group and see what your friends say. OR, put a twist on it, and ask your friends to make up five clones for you.





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