Helpful Links for YOUR Quest - Websites and Ted Talks

Helpful Links for YOUR Quest - Websites and Ted Talks

In my travels through the internet, I have found several helpful links.  Here are some of my favorites:

I Want Her Job. com - really cool way to research different career paths via real women

My Aunt Sally sent me this link from the Huffington Post. Tara Sophia Mohr explores the idea of "finding one's calling".

My home town gal, Tavi Gevinson, an Oak Park and River Forest High School student who has become an amazingly successful blogger, creater of her own online magazine, Ted Talk speaker and editor of a new book, has some pretty cool thoughts for teen girls. She is her own woman and to talented! Go Tavi!

On a more general note, but super inspiring and funny, the first Ted Talk I ever heard and will always remember on The 30 Day Challenge. A must see! I actually gave up sugar for one month after watching this. Later, I gave up coffee for another 30 days.

And finally, if you open just one link, open this one! Shawn Achor, a Harvard educated man speaks about Happiness - really funny and interesting, and speaks to what makes us happy, and barriers to happiness in life and work. You almost have to listen to this multiple times to really absorb the message. So great!




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