Your Ideal Future Via Pinterest

Your Ideal Future Via Pinterest

Oprah would refer to this as a Vision Board, but we can call it your IDEAL FUTURE BOARD! If you are not already using Pinterest, now may be the time to start, because it is awesome, especially for you creative, visual types! (Pinterst allows you to search visual images from thousands of sources and "pin" them to a "board" for safe keeping and future reference.) You can go in an update, change and add to it as you go.

If you have a Pinterest account, start a new board called "My Ideal Future", but if you think that is weird or are afraid of what others will think, because others will be able to see it, call it LOL, or NOMS, or STUFF, or anything you want, but you will know it is Your Ideal Future Board.

Now, look for any and all images that might be present in your ideal future. Go crazy and have fun with this! Nobody is going to drag out your Ideal Future Board in ten years and ask you about it. BUT, it may help you "see"
what the ingredients may be in that ideal future of yours!




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  • Funny, I started a Pinterest account today. I will have to try that!

  • In reply to Curtis Shaw Flagg:

    You will find Pinterest totally addicting at times! Have fun with it.

  • In reply to Beth Shannon:

    Great idea - I look forward to following your blog!

  • In reply to TMEMC:

    Thank you TMEMC! I appreciate that.

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