The Beginning - How this blog was born

The Beginning - How this blog was born

So, I have been contemplating for some time now how one makes decisions about one's life, particularly if one is a girl. As for me, this was my BIG dilemma in life, from about the time I entered college with no idea of my intersts, strengths or career path, until about, well, thirty-seven.

I spent most of my twenties befuddled, confused and anxious about the career direction I didn't have. Ironically, after a few entry level jobs of about six months in duration each, I began working for a career consulting firm. I worked and quickly advanced to the title of Career Management Consultant. FUNNY how this worked out.

I had the pleasure of working with people of all walks of life, from CEO's in Chicago board rooms to copper miners in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and just about every profession in between. I helped a lot of folks figure out what they wanted "to be when they grow up" - many of them were in their mid-50's.

It was about 15 years into this career that I realized it would be a lot more satisfying helping younger people figure this out. I changed careers myself, went back to graduate school and entered the field of school counseling. Now I get paid to talk to teenagers every day, and attend pep rallys occassionally. It is super fun!

BUT, I now also have two daughters ages 19 and 21 who are desperately TRYING TO FIGURE IT OUT for themselves! I figured they can't be alone in this quest, so I created this blog. READ ON, as I share with you 20 plus years of ideas, advice, practicical tools and exercises that can help YOU too!


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