Practical or Idealistic? You Make The Call.

Practical or Idealistic? You Make The Call.

When the economy tanks, parents get nervous. They worry about paying a lot to send their kids to college, having their kids come out with degrees that aren't "maketable" and then kids living in their basements until they are 30. I see parents pressuring their kids to pursue "useful" majors so that they will not end up in the above scenario. Now, I am all in favor of Nursing, Engineering, and Business majors, they are great choices for many kids, and these are what parents are pushing. I am not sure this is the way we want to go, even in these tough economic times.

I may be a hippie down deep, and I still believe in pursuing what you love, what your are interested in, what you have passion for. I do believe in the "Do What Love, The Money Will Follow" theory. I worked with too many middle-aged, displaced workers who told me at age 50 they always wanted to pursue ______________, but their parents made them major in accounting in college, and were less then satisfied over the past 20 years.

I do believe that if you pursue what you love, you will be able to make a living from it. This goes back to Personal Legend of the Alchemist, of an earlier post. The book basically says that we all know from a young age what will give us personal happiness, but most people get their dreams derailed by the fear that they will never come true. I practice this philosophy in my own life.

My daugher says that this weekend she needs to figure out her "life plan". She is a sophomore in college and needs to register for second semester soon. As a sophomore, she is feeling the pressure of "figuring it out" - like NOW.

When she comes home this weekend, this is what I will ask her:

What is it that has always been important to you? (what I think she will answer) ANIMALS, I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN AN ANIMAL LOVER. I AM A VEGAN


What was your dream when you were a little girl? Where did you see yourself, before you got older and more realistic, or practical? THIS IS THE ANSWER I LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM HER!

I will help her brainstorm some options and encourage her to pursue whatever she thinks will make her most happy in the end!

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  • I love that you have the courage to encourage that. I write on this and believe too that we have a mission to accomplish, and if others put us their agenda, it will make us unhappy and unfulfilled. We just have to be better educated on how to make the right choice, and take the time that we need to do our choice. I wish your daughter (how great to know others care for animals too) to find her right path!

  • Thanks for your encouragement Mary Eve. I know not all will agree with my thoughts on the topic. There are tools and resources out there, but it takes time to go through the process, as you mention.

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