The Average Yearly cost of Owning a Car

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, where you reside in this vast United States, the cost of car ownership varies; although not as much as this writer would have thought. As we are all aware, a car is one of the biggest purchases we will ever make. And it will keep costing us... Read more »

New Ways to buy a Car

As time moves on toward autonomous cars and smart roads, more manufacturers are throwing their hat in the ring to provide online car sales. Combining the convenience of digital retail and the ability to select new and pre-owned vehicles in stock on dealer lots, this appears to be the wave of the future. No doubt,... Read more »

Looking for a Different Automotive + Web Site?

Jalopnik, a different kind of automotive website. Their motto: Drive Free of Die. Love it. Jalopnik, which is great for the reader, is not just a website about automobiles. Rather, there are some 10 categoires of subjects to whet anyone’s whistle. It would appear Jalopnik hits all that’s out there to be informed about, including... Read more »

Today's Teen Drivers and Keeping Track

What was once very much a ‘rite of passage,’ obtaining a driver’s license was first on the list of most of my friends when we turned 16. Perhaps not so in other cultures, but very much a part of American culture. What was once so exciting, has become a nerve-wracking event for teens and parents... Read more »

Your Garage can be a dangerous place for Pets

As with children, owners of pets need to be aware of the dangers that lurk, of in all places, the garage space that holds our beloved cars. Most use their garage as a storage space, for all kinds of good stuff, from dangerous weed killers, to boxes full of, you name it. I’ve had to... Read more »

The Roamwild Car Crack Vac: A Must-Have

If you’re forever behind in cleaning out your daily ride, you’re not alone. Roamwild has come up with a swell little tool that will make this task easier and at the same time, provide a couple of extra useful features. This high-performance vacuum will pick up debris in and around your car’s seats and doors.... Read more »

The 26th Brickyard 400: Indy Track

It’s that time of year again when the Indianapolis Motor Speedway lights up for the Brickyard 400. In its 26th year at IMS, the Brickyard’s Drive2SaveLIves BC39 event honors the late USAC champion and three-time Indianapolis 500 starter Bryan Clauson, as well as increasing awareness of the Indiana Donor Network. Not just another stop on... Read more »

Lido, Always Home for Dinner

The news of Lee Iacocca’s passing on July 2 was rather sad for this car buff. Lee died at the ripe old age of 94 and was driven to his final resting place in a Chrysler hearse. Especially fitting for the past President and Chairman of Chrysler Corporation. There is so much to say and... Read more »

2019 All-New Lexus UX 200 F Sport

New for 2019, the luxury crossover from Lexus, the new UR200 is a sporty, fun little hatchback to drive, but can one justify the price tag? Especially when there is so much out there to choose from. This driver had a smile on her face when first climbing into the 5-passenger luxury crossover. Hard to... Read more »

2019 RAV4 Limited All-Wheel-Drive SUV

With its all-new design, the Toyota RAV4 is barely recognizable from its earliest iteration, having grown in looks, personality and quality. But then, it was time. It looks good, more up-to-date, offers several trim levels and can be had in a hybrid version. The new RAV4 is up to standard with active safety technology. The... Read more »