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"Unfortunately, a girl again...."

It isn’t often one thinks about or even considers the spouse of a famous automotive pioneer. We came across the story recently of Bertha Benz, a German automotive ‘pioneer’ in her own right. Wife-and business partner of Karl Benz Bertha was the first person to drive an automobile over a distance of 66 miles while... Read more »

The Greatest Spectacle in Racing: All That’s Missing is You

Lest you think there won’t be any Indy 500 race (presented by Gainbridge) this year, think again. Most have heard, no doubt, that the race is on. Almost as usual. Perhaps the most exciting thing is that the Indy 500, for the first time in history, will be LIVE on TV, without the screeching noise... Read more »

The Second Coming of the 2021 Ford Bronco is on its Way!!

The undefeated Jeep Wrangler has reigned for many years now (over a decade), once the Bronco left the scene some 25 years ago. Best known, unfortunately, for the vehicle in which O.J. Simpson outran the police in 1994, this iconic off-road truck is one its way back. It appears that we have the “Bronco Underground”... Read more »

Consumer Complaints for 2019

Top Ten Consumer complaints are out and topping the list once again are problems with car sales and repairs, home improvement and construction. Complaints reported to state and local consumer agencies across the country often remain the same. If your car breaks down or you’ve got a leak in your roof, says CFA, people often... Read more »

Grassroots Motorsports $2000 Challenge Team

Abby Hempy has recently launched the Grassroots Motorsports $2000 Challenge Team BMW Art Car-Inspired Engineering Project to Benefit Local Dance Studio in Houghton, Michigan. Entering Hempy’s home, one would immediately notice all the paintings, notes Hempy. One on every wall. “Art, in all forms, is important to me,” says Hempy. Her “escape” from studying at... Read more »

Vicki Wood: Breaking Gender Barriers in Auto Racing

Before women could be seen-or even allowed-on the racing track, Vicki Wood was “the fastest woman in racing.” Known as a “Lady Speedster,” Wood began racing stock cars for ‘kicks,’ while raising a family in Detroit. If you were a woman racing at all back then, it was most often in the powder-puff events. The... Read more »

Girls Can Race Too

Most kids only dream of driving a race car, yet, an increasing number of girls (as well as boys) are making those dreams come true. A fast growing segment of drag racing, for instance, is Junior Dragster, which offers young kids a lot of fun and friendship, as well as quite an experience. Kids 8-17... Read more »

Big News for Toyota

A big shout-out from Toyota Motor Company on May 18 that they will be introducing two all-new hybrid models. According to the leader in all things automotive, 2020 marks the 20th anniversary of the Toyota Prius Hybrid vehicle. To commemorate the anniversary, Toyota will produce two all-new Hybrid models, offering two 2020 Prius Editions, in... Read more »

Inflating your Car’s Tires with Nitrogen Makes Sense

Inflating your Car’s Tires with Nitrogen Makes Sense
How many of you have heard the murmurs about inflating automobile tires with nitrogen rather than air? After doing a little research, it appears more folks are electing to use this method of tire inflation than in the past. It’s not a new phenomenon. Perhaps not as common to the average car owner, nitrogen tire... Read more »

2020 Toyota Avalon TRD

2020 Toyota Avalon TRD
It’s hard not to like a Toyota product and the n 2020 Avalon is no exception. Although for years it was a rather drab high-end sedan. Let’s face it, as popular as the Camry has always been, it too, wasn’t an eye-catcher. However, those days are long gone and both Toyota sedans are stylish and... Read more »