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SLAMOLOGY: For the Uninitiated

I knew moving to Indiana would yield some far-out, one-of-a-kind happenings; that is, events you would expect to find in many ‘southern-like’ towns. Well, I think I found the Piece De Resistance: SLAMOLOGY!!!!! Taking place on June 8-9, Slamology will be held at Indy’s Lucas Oil Raceway, and is a fun-packed 2-day event, complete with... Read more »

Who Rides the World: Female Motorcyclists and RISER

Co-founder and COO at RISER, Nora Dejaco has created an app for motorcyclists all over the world. Regardless of gender, RISER is a platform that strives to connect all riders by functionality and enhancing each ride by sharing their unique experiences. The co-founders have launched a project called “Who Rides the World.” RISER, in existence... Read more »

It's Time Again for the Indy 500

As the 2019 Indianapolis 500 race nears, it will be the 103rd running of this spectacle, and the 16th time the Chevrolet Corvette will run as Indy’s pace car. The pace car will be a 2019 Chevy Corvette Grand Sport in Long Beach Red. In early April, 55 days before the pace Corvettes lead the... Read more »

A New Minivan on the Horizon? Keep Posted

Well, I have never been to the Shanghai Auto Show. And in fact, have a few auto shows I have still to attend. I have to admit I wasn’t aware there was a show in Shanghai. Shame on me. As China takes more and more of the lead in the automotive industry, I should be... Read more »

2019 Toyota 86 GT

The Toyota 86 GT is the twin to the Subaru BRZ and fits in the mini compact category; a fading slot for manufacturers today. It still appeals to those who like a ‘sports car’ that’s affordable and right-sized. It reminds this writer of the ever-popular Celica that ran for years and enjoyed a lot of... Read more »

2019 Eclipse Cross SE 1.5T S-AWC

It’s been some time since spending a week in a Mitsubishi product. Attracted to its looks, I was pleasantly surprised at how the new Eclipse Cross performed. Odd choice of nomenclature, though, as many of us recall the original Eclipse, small sport car iteration. But, names are just names. Well, hardly, in automobile land. Our... Read more »

Test Your Car Trivia Knowledge

If you’re a trivia buff as I am, you’ll enjoy delving into a little automotive-related question-and-answer fun. It’s a great way to learn about how some automobiles came to be, how they were named and who manufactured them, as well as the automobile in television, the movies and in print. No one individual invented the... Read more »

Will the Automobile be going the way of the Newspaper?

According to the most recent Lyft IPO a vision for the automotive industry is grim. Lyft transportation company filed IPO papers last week with a different kind of “vision.” The vision for the company, say co-owners Logan Green and John Zimmer is “dramatic.” They believe the world is at the beginning of a shift away... Read more »

2019 Mazda CX-3 SUV, AWD

Refreshed for the 2019 model year, the Mazda CX-3 is a subcompact crossover SUV manufactured in Japan by Mazda. Based on the same platform as the Mazda2, it was originally introduced to the public in November and initially displayed at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show, as a production vehicle for the model year 2016.... Read more »

The 111th Chicago Auto Show

As the nation’s largest auto show, the largest consumer show-Chicago Auto Show serves as the venue where automotive and technology trends are identified. Approximately 1,000 of the industry’s latest cars, trucks and SUVs, are on display and available for a test drive. Going on now, the show will be around for another few days., until... Read more »