Who Rides the World: Female Motorcyclists and RISER

Co-founder and COO at RISER, Nora Dejaco has created an app for motorcyclists all over the world. Regardless of gender, RISER is a platform that strives to connect all riders by functionality and enhancing each ride by sharing their unique experiences.womencyclist

The co-founders have launched a project called “Who Rides the World.” RISER, in existence for close to three years, “acts as the linchpin between the motorcycle community and the outside world.” Dejaco has been in a unique position to meet and realize how many strong women there are in the motorcycle world, including all the planned events and organized associations.

Many of the groups operate autonomously, for and by themselves. Campaigning has been part of each organization’s goals, to show what an important role female motorcyclists play. Nevertheless, thought Dejaco, the topic is not really understood, in spite of the efforts made. Therefore, she took this realization as an invitation to launch her initiative.

"WHO RIDES THE WORLD" is Dejaco’s baby and “aims to involve every motorcyclist to show their support and loyalty for women riding.” Helping in her effort are several women and clubs around the globe, spreading the word. There are a core group of female riders and clubs, including WIMA (Women’s International Motorcycle Association) and WRWR (Women Riders, Women Relay), also pitching in to make the project a powerful support for women riders. riser_wrtw_foto_peterpegam-1

Beginning now, until May 15, 2019, Dejaco is calling on the entire motorcycle community to demonstrate their support for women on motorcycles, and to express loyalty and unification. One of the ways to unify is the forming of group rides-called Pack Rides- and sharing them with the Call to Action.

As an app and platform launched in 2016 by the Vienna based eponymous company, RISER’s purpose is to connect all motorcyclists. RISER is the amplifier for Dejaco’s project. Her goal: To raise awareness in the world about the changing perception of what role women play in the motorcycle world. Many of us probably don’t realize-or even think about it-but women and cycles are not just in our country-the U.S. Female riders are found all over the world, even in places like Chile, the UK, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia.

RISER will help connect riders and spread the word-as well as any messages from female riders. The organization strongly believes it’s time for the app to help emphasize the need for a broader awareness of female riders.

To help motivate riders to participate in the initiative RISER is sponsoring a contest to win a weekend ride out. Bikes will be provided by Moto Guzzi/FABER Austria, and five Bluetooth communication devices offered by SENA. RISER will also give away two months of RISER PRO membership free. Go to their link at https://wg9mw.app.goo.gl/whoridesthworld. Also check out RISER on social media and at their blog: journal.riserapp.com.

Between April 15-May 15, all riders are encouraged to attend group rides using the RISER Pack Ride feature and share their experiences on Social Media, with the call to action “Support Female Riders with a Pack Ride,” the Hashtag #wrtw and by tagging RISER.

Prizes will be awarded, including a weekend ride out from Vienna through the scenic routes of the Austrian Alps; 5 pieces of SENA 30 K communication devices raffled off, and the raffle of one Veldt Helmet

Ride, Share and Support!!

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