SLAMOLOGY: For the Uninitiated

I knew moving to Indiana would yield some far-out, one-of-a-kind happenings; that is, events you would expect to find in many ‘southern-like’ towns. Well, I think I found the Piece De Resistance:


Taking place on June 8-9, Slamology will be held at Indy’s Lucas Oil Raceway, and is a fun-packed 2-day event, complete with event highlights such as the Tattoo Contest, Full Tilt Demo sessions, Big Rig Round Up-Semi Show, a Bikini Contest, Motorcycle Sound-off and my favorite, the Auto Limbo Contest, featuring the lowest vehicles of Slamology 2019. Auto Limbo will be held Sunday June 9.

Class rules for vehicles entering the Auto Limbo Contest include a vehicle that must be operable (much more fun this way!), must be 4-wheeled, DOT approved, travel under the LIMBO stick under their own power. No alterations to the vehicle are allowed and must contain one driver and one rider. No other people are allowed in vehicles, and vehicles will be classed as truck or car at LIMBO. Judges’ decisions final.smallslamology

Last year, officials received a few questions about what was and was not allowed in the LIMBO contest, so a special class was created-to allow, of course, creativity and cleverness. The Contraption Class must be registered into the show, must be powertrain powered, Electric powered or HUMAN powered! The contraption has to be able to travel the entire path of the LIMBO without the need of a human driver; must travel under the limbo stick under its own power and must have one human driver. Judges’ decisions final.

What could be more fun than this event? You can bet there will be plenty of booze (and other mind-altering refreshments) imbibed. But anyone attending wouldn’t need them. There will be enough laughs to last a lifetime at Slamology. Oh, and great people-watching.

If you’ve got a band (not sure here if they mean a school band), have your manager or booking agent complete the band application on the Slamology website. Of course, if you’ve got a vehicle that qualifies, go onsite to register. There are also accommodations featured for overnight stays, whether you prefer a motel or RV site.

There is a list on the website of several special awards, including such categories as Best of Show (custom made belt), Hard Luck Award, Old School Builders Choice, among others.

And for those who are into “swag,” bring your wallet for the goodies: T-Shirts, of course, mugs, logo banners, fan packets and tumblers.

If you’re looking for additional entertainment, check out the hydraulic demo, kids play zone, live performances and the car stereo contest. Lots for all.hoe-down

Pre registration is $40 and includes driver, passenger and custom vehicle or audio competitor vehicle. Vehicle classes are for trucks, lowriders, hot rods, 4x4’s and imports only. There is a list of competition classes on the website and awards presented. Go to

Hours: Friday June 7, 2019 2pm till 9pm
(registration only no show) Get a speed pass for Saturday Morning
Saturday June 8, 2019 8am till 4pm
Sunday June 9, 2018 9am till 12 Noon

You can order gift certificates for loved ones and friends. If you need a number, 317-856-1810.
Get your rides ready! Register on line. Or, better, just show up for the fun and laughs.

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