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Insisting on OEM parts to Repair your Vehicle

While sharing a beer and catching up with friends recently, the discussion turned to the purchase of a new car by one of my friends. I hadn’t realized he was driving a new Chrysler, but learned why and how it happened. Apparently, his car was t-boned by another driver. Needing a fair amount of repairs... Read more »

"My Car Does What?" answers National Safety Council

One never knows whom they will meet at any given time or place. Attending the annual MAMA (Midwest Automotive Media Association) xmas party this week, I had the good fortune to meet Rob, who as it turned out, was not only an interesting media ‘guy’ from the National Safety Council organization, but also a neighbor.... Read more »

Minivans Here to Stay.

Well, I for one was happy to read Alissa Priddle’s story in the Detroit Free Press about Fiat Chrysler continuing to offer the Chrysler Town & Country Minivan; and maybe even hold on to our favorite, the Dodge Caravan. As square as it may be, the Minivan-whoever makes it-is the smartest car on the road.... Read more »

Autonomous-or self-driving Vehicles

In the past 24 hours, Toyota and Volvo have made some interesting announcements about their plans for autonomous cars. While the technology they use looks promising, we’ll be curious to see how quickly the automakers can roll out these features to the general public. Readers may have also read about the public’s concern regarding what... Read more »