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Seeking Answers: Anyone can Ask a Question...On any Topic..........

The Thanksgiving task or challenge presented to ChicagoNow bloggers for Thanksgiving weekend is “Anyone can ask a question on any topic. Anyone can answer.” Lest you think this is an easy column, think again. So many questions, so few answers. Like all ChicagoNow bloggers, I have thought long and hard about what that question might... Read more »

The WWDF: Yet, another organization helping women in poverty

I recently learned about an interesting organization while perusing Twitter. The Women With Drive Foundation (WWDF) which, according to their website, provides a car to women-in-transition in exchange for their participation in an assessment that identifies her particular barriers to independence. Once identified, a two-year plan is established by the participant in conjunction with a... Read more »

Documentary: Racing Dreams

Women in racing is no longer an aberration, as anyone who follows NASCAR and the Indy 500 have witnessed. Most often starting off in Go-Karts, young girls who have a real passion, and a fair amount of ability are making their way into the big time racing venues. Books are being written (mine included: Girls... Read more »