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On the Block: 1967 TR5

The leading classic car restorer Classic Motor Cars will be selling the first production right-hand drive 1967 TR5 Roadster. This is a real beauty and a special car. The ’67 Triumph was the first TR5 P1 to be built on the normal assembly line, and is one of only 1,100 to be produced. Manufactured on... Read more »

Racing Beginnings in Chicagoland

Race fans may not realize it, but at one time, Chicago was a motor-sports venue featuring several race tracks. Located on Addison Street, Mannheim Road, Fullerton Avenue and Peterson Avenue. Race tracks could also be found in Waukegan, Maywood, Cicero, Melrose Park, Blue Island, Hammond and Hinsdale. Regular events were even held at Soldier Field... Read more »

The Chrysler Turbine Car: A 1963 Phenomenon

In March of 2006, Motor Trend published a feature on the 1963-64 Chrysler Turbine Car. Titled “Jet Pilot. Or ‘how I stopped traffic and learned to love the 1964 Chrysler Turbine car,’” it was authored by the staff and was a thorough review on this unusual, one-of-a-kind cars. The Chrysler Corporation built 55 Turbine Cars,... Read more »

Today's Story: Not about Cars. Rather, about Bucket Lists and Meeting Betty

Today’s story isn’t about cars; instead, it’s about making a Bucket List and crossing off your items. I don’t know about you but I started my ‘bucket list’ about four years ago. Inspired partly by the Hollywood movie and mostly by advance in age, I was surprised how many items made my list. More than... Read more »

Car Culture: A Thing of the Past?

As reported in 2015, some 808,775 people attended the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, which took place last January. This was an increase of over 5,000 attendees at the 2014 show. In its 27th year, the Detroit show reviewed 55 cars to the media in two preview days. Opening weekend saw a staggering... Read more »

Bloomingdale's Septemberfest 2015

I was recently recruited to be a judge for the 2015 Bloomingdale Septemberfest Car Show, held in Bloomingdale, IL. Northwest of Chicago, Bloomingdale has an annual festival in the park, complete with booths of various food vendors, arts/crafts, entertainment stage, a good size parade and a car show. Over 80 entrants signed up to show... Read more »