Big Fucking Mistake

Sometimes, you just have to say what you feel without all the filters and shit. Like, I’ve been thinking about this sewing machine my mom bought for me as a Christmas gift some years ago. I think I was about 19. The thought of it still pisses me off.  Anyway, I told my mom I wanted a... Read more »

Facing Fears and Living Dreams

Welcome to Girl Talk Ladies…and Gentlemen (I’m sure we’ll have a few spying or chiming in here and there). I hope that you all find this blog to be informative, crazy, funny, empowering, ridiculous and everything else you can think of. The purpose of this  blog is to share my experiences with you; the ups... Read more »
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    Jay Dean

    This is the worst part, I swear. I'm still trying to figure out this whole life thing but Im expected to write a bio here? This is too much. I'm extremely silly. I love really hard. I'm sensitive. I get super irritated when people try to bullshit me. I love making people look and feel beautiful. I'm an artist. I give love like it's on clearance. I am an emotional being. I am sensual. I am uber passionate. I will throw shade if you try me. I am a helper. I am Light. I advocate for self esteem, freedom of thought and Sexual Violence. I love red wine and all things artsy. Welcome to my entrepreneurial world. Welcome to Girl Talk.

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