Girl Power Friday's

Girl Power Friday's is where we, a delicious collective of amazing, talented, fascinating, professional women, get together and celebrate being powerful, beautiful, spiritual, amazing, spontaneous, outrageous, fun loving, dynamic, completely surprising, mood swinging, entrepreneurial, overweight, underweight, at our fornication weight,  just above our superstar back when I was in high school weight, simply perfect weight,  and all the weight and roles in between. We're girlfriends, mothers, sisters, daughters, wives, and plus ones, celebrating being powerful and absolutely free of any role we play, one sometimes two Friday's a month.

Several months ago, while sitting home on a Friday night, after swearing I wanted to stay in, I suddenly wanted to go out. I didn't want to go on a date. I didn't want to get all dolled up, I wasn't really interested in dinner and I didn't want to make a big deal of it. I just wanted to run out and have a cocktail or two at the local bar.  But... I started to imagine what unsolicited characters might take my "single lady sitting at the bar alone" to mean and my thoughts quickly raced forward into an evening of odd conversations, to having to ward off bad pick-up lines or navigate away from unsolicited advice or worse, becoming the sounding board for an unhappy or far too happy bartender. Whew!  I was getting ahead of myself. Maybe, I thought -  if I was lucky, I might find myself sitting beside another somebody that just wanted to have a simple fun conversation about much of nothing but just interesting enough to be stimulating and support a few good laughs while we enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine. That really was more likely to be the case than not, if I stayed in my neighborhood where “everybody knows your name” Cheers has helped to inflate my since of self in my neighborhood bar. Well, I didn't want to bet on the latter, the "maybe" part of the deal, so I decided to stay in after all. It was then that Girl Power Friday's was born. I looked at my list of friends on Facebook, some, I hadn't seen in a while and others I'd seen just a few days ago or a few weeks ago  or  a few years ago and thought - wow! Why not invite them to come out and play? If they were like me, sometimes, when you have down time, you just want to take a load off and have a girl power night. Well, now you needn’t look for the girls, or the power or the place. There’s a gathering going on and you’re always invited! It’s a guilty pleasure to indulge just after work and you can still be home before midnight… that is... if you want to be home before midnight.

Girl Power Friday's, generally take place on a Friday.  I invite my sistah/girlfriends to invite their sistah/girlfriend and join me at great pub, clubs or bar. There is nothing exclusive about GPF's, everyone that's female and of the legal drinking age, even if you don't drink, is welcomed. We laugh, and talk and share everything from what's good at the movies to what's bad on stage. We've talked about the best new joy toy to the most effective way to head-off hot flashes. We range from 30 to 60 with nobody counting. There's always someone new to meet and something fun to share. I'm always there so anyone venturing into the party can rest assured that there are never any strangers on Girl Power Friday's!