I Listened, Mom! Finally.

I've spent the last two days shut-in with a cold. Is it that time already? Yes. I couldn't believe it. I rarely catch a cold. I wash my hands so often; I often think it's impossible for me to catch a cold as if that's the key to it all. Wash your hands, several hundred times a day and you will NEVER catch a cold. Not true. I tell myself this lie every year, and I catch one cold every year and always, I'm surprised. I of course find someone on the train, bus, or elevator to blame and without fight; I surrender completely to the will of the cold. I buy Nyquil to be sure to sleep through the night. I prepare my mornings with orange juice, vitamins a simple breakfast like two scrambled eggs and tea, and then back into the bed. I drink a ridiculous amount of water and wait for it to pass. This ritual has served me well my last two colds but yesterday, I discovered an old fix, that my mom used when I was a girl, and maybe your mothers did too and let me tell you.... it works! I am asthmatic... sort of... long story... point is, a chest cold is the worst type of cold for me to contract, so as soon as I hear wheezing I'm prone to panic. This time, when the little whistle in my chest wouldn't stop and my breath became labored I remembered a little something that's been in my bathroom cabinet since I moved into my apartment... probably a remedy offered up to assist with my first cold here. Come to think of it, I probably didn't even buy it because I don't like to use any type of medication... except for Nyquil. Chances are my friend bought it for me as he nursed me back to health. At any rate, there it was, in my cabinet, never opened. Many times I thought of throwing it out but always, I stopped myself.  Vicks Vapor Rub. I thought about it. Hesitated a wheeze or two then cracked open the seal and removed the top, dug out a thick finger full and rubbed it onto my chest... I could smell it instantly. The vapors rushed up my nasal passage and irritated my tear ducks a bit. I washed my hands and crawled back into the bed - chest exposed, and trying to breathe deeply. Within minutes, I could fill my breathing deepen, the labor of it slipped away and I drifted off to sleep as only Nyquil can make me. The next day, twice I rubbed Vicks Vapor Rub onto my chest, mid-day and bedtime. By Wednesday, the junk inside my chest that had been holding it so tight had loosened, my cough was as nasty sounding as it could be, but I felt great. I had weathered the storm. Wow!
I now have three things; I will do when captured by the woes of the cold virus. Have Nyquil at night, Juice tea and vitamins in the morning with a light breakfast, of course... and rub Vicks Vapors Rub on my chest. Oh... and wash my hands. Moms really do know a thing or two. Thanks, Mom! I listened. Finally.

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