Smog alert

Apparently I’m running behind in my TV viewing. I just started watching the first season of The Crown, an absorbing Netflix series about the life and times of Queen Elizabeth II. (That’s the current Queen Elizabeth.) Though I’m not nearly old enough to have experienced many of her life events at the time, I was... Read more »

How to ID the best prospects for your freelance business writing

For freelance copywriters serving businesses, our best prospects are the companies or solo professionals that already have great copy. Sounds counterintuitive, right? Marketing is supposed to be about problem solving. So we look for a prospect who has a problem we can solve, right? And if we are writers, the problem we want to solve... Read more »

Stop the (marketing) world. I want to get off.

Back in the ‘60s, there was a musical called Stop the World, I Want to Get Off. Its big song was “What Kind of Fool Am I?,” which was sung on TV constantly. Kinda like “Memory” from Cats but two decades earlier. Anyhow, its title was adapted back in the day to any topic a... Read more »
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What I don’t understand about the 2016 Presidential election. Please explain.

Somehow many of us believe that the federal government would be much different (and better) had Hillary Clinton been elected, but I don’t see how. We would still have had a Republican dominated Senate and House and lots of gridlock, IMHO. The story we are hearing is that Clinton lost solely because she and her... Read more »

Cher had 17 bathrooms and why I care

The Wall Street Journal reports that Cher’s old house is on the market again. It has 11 bedrooms and 17 bathrooms. Plus it has a four-bedroom guesthouse, which, I assume, has at least two bathrooms, maybe more. Maybe more than four if her ratios hold steady. Cher lived there in the eighties and sold it... Read more »

The best thing about Fire and Fury

Less than two weeks ago I blogged about Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House by Michael Wolff. The book was a hot topic way back when but has now faded from our memories, what with “shithole” versus “shithouse” being the issue of the day(s). Oh, and we’re looking at a possible government shutdown.... Read more »

What the hell is wrong with Michelle Williams’s agent?

The big news on the Hollywood vs. women scene is that Williams did her reshoots for “All the Money in the World” for almost free while her male costar, Mark Wahlberg, got $1.5 million. The common “wisdom” is that Williams was stupid and weak for not demanding more. If she doesn’t have the self-esteem and... Read more »

Why you should read Fire and Fury today

Though it’s warming up a bit in Chicagoland, it’s still darn cold. Today’s is the perfect day to stay indoors and read Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House by Michael Wolff, published Friday (January 5) by Henry Holt and Co. I tend not to buy really important titles like this because I figure... Read more »

It’s Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, Stupid

The Democratic party feels out to lunch. Wishy washy. Uninspiring.   However, the Republicans are absolutely bonkers. Their latest “gift” to Americans is tax legislation giving permanent breaks to the wealthiest people and temporary breaks to the vast majority of Americans. Those proudly prudent balance-the-budget legislators okayed a $1.5 trillion addition to the deficit.  ... Read more »

Minstrel shows: a different side of the 1950s

Since I named my blog, “Girl Born in 51,” I plan to address this idea that the fifties were delightful “Happy Days.” Starting today.   My life in the 1950s was nothing like Richie Cunningham’s and my parents were not Mr. and Mrs. C, so my take on the era is much different. The fifties... Read more »