Kavanaugh process proves one thing: Sex sells

Currently there is only one topic in the news: the status of the Kavanaugh confirmation. And there is only one thing that this coverage has proven: Sex sells. We are all more interested in Kavanaugh’s sex life 30+ years ago than we are in what kind of Supreme Court judge he would be. I’m as... Read more »

They’re asking Kavanaugh the wrong questions

I’m a feminist but I believe we are overly focused on what Brett Kavanaugh, now 53 years old, did back in high school. It appears that he was too drunk to rape competently as well as too drunk to remember what happened, but if his behavior since the 1980s has been consistently exemplary, I don’t... Read more »

The “prejudice” surprise in Chicago Trib

Headline in recent (Aug. 15) Chicago Tribune: One group definitely faces prejudice in college admissions. It’s not who you think. I didn’t know who to think because everyone I think of has already been thought of by someone. So let’s cut to author Jonathan Zimmerman’s answer: It’s introverts. This hits me hard since I’m an... Read more »

How the heck can Twitter be an effective marketing tool?

I confess. While I’ve landed many great clients for my freelance writing services over the years, I have not made a fortune. So unlike many of the self-proclaimed geniuses out there, my observations may not be worth much. But frankly, I can’t see how Twitter is worth all the time it can eat up when... Read more »

I love the beach

What is your favorite place in the world? Is it a room? Your home? A vacation spot? Write about it! Funny you should ask. Actually the “you” here is Matthew Schwerha, who heads up ChicagoNow. Today is July’s Blogapalooz Hour, when all we participating bloggers have one hour to respond to the same question. I... Read more »

Work and that passion thing

Just when I gave up on finding a part-time job after a year of looking, I got a job! I’m a Computer Aide at my local public library, working 25 hours a week. I help people do diverse things on our computers as well as use our scanner and printer. Patrons are highly diverse on... Read more »

Ugh to pumping breast milk. Fortunately, Tammy Duckworth doesn’t have to

U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth has returned to work after the birth of her second child, the beneficiary of an official rule change allowing her to breastfeed on the Senate floor. I could call it “nursing,” but it’s too confusing as a keyword since it may look like I am talking about the nursing profession. No,... Read more »

Is Ohio State good enough?

I am fascinated by how colleges select applicants. I graduated many, many years ago and my children graduated years ago. The grandchildren aren’t even in kindergarten. So my interest isn’t practical. I think it’s because the college admission process anoints some with success for life based on their getting their shit together by the time... Read more »

How old is old?

The April / May 2018 issue of AARP: The Magazine just showed up and here is a quotation from actress Melissa McCarthy on her high school job as a waitress in a nursing home. “I straight-up loved being with people over 65 because I’d instantly get perspective on the not-so-well formed experience I was currently... Read more »

Will feminists be forced into “happy homemaker” role in a changing economy?

More competition among millennials for fewer good jobs may ultimately create a backlash against employed women. I recently read a remarkable book. It’s Kids These Days: Human Capital and the Making of Millennials. On the cover the author identifies himself as “Malcolm Harris (b. 1988).” This is certainly not the only book about the challenges... Read more »