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Ugh to pumping breast milk. Fortunately, Tammy Duckworth doesn’t have to

U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth has returned to work after the birth of her second child, the beneficiary of an official rule change allowing her to breastfeed on the Senate floor. I could call it “nursing,” but it’s too confusing as a keyword since it may look like I am talking about the nursing profession. No,... Read more »

Will feminists be forced into “happy homemaker” role in a changing economy?

More competition among millennials for fewer good jobs may ultimately create a backlash against employed women. I recently read a remarkable book. It’s Kids These Days: Human Capital and the Making of Millennials. On the cover the author identifies himself as “Malcolm Harris (b. 1988).” This is certainly not the only book about the challenges... Read more »

Gun rights and rape prevention: The perfect marriage

Note: This is satire. It doesn’t mean what it appears to say. I had hoped it would be unnecessary to state this, but alas, my reading of social media tells me that some people won’t know this unless it is pointed out to them. For instance, many people still don’t know that Andy Borowitz in... Read more »

What the hell is wrong with Michelle Williams’s agent?

The big news on the Hollywood vs. women scene is that Williams did her reshoots for “All the Money in the World” for almost free while her male costar, Mark Wahlberg, got $1.5 million. The common “wisdom” is that Williams was stupid and weak for not demanding more. If she doesn’t have the self-esteem and... Read more »