They’re asking Kavanaugh the wrong questions

I’m a feminist but I believe we are overly focused on what Brett Kavanaugh, now 53 years old, did back in high school. It appears that he was too drunk to rape competently as well as too drunk to remember what happened, but if his behavior since the 1980s has been consistently exemplary, I don’t see how this single teenage incident disqualifies him for the Supreme Court.

The problem is that this accusation is a smokescreen. We are too concerned about a single event that took place more than 30 years ago to ask more pertinent questions that should be addressed.

First questions:

Mr. Kavanaugh, have you had any discussions since November 8, 2016, with President Trump (or any of his representatives or the staff of conservative organizations who prepared lists of possible Supreme Court appointees) about whether legal action can be taken against a sitting President on criminal charges? What did you say?

Have you discussed with President Trump (or any of his representatives) the possibility you would recuse yourself from Court decisions specifically involving the President? Have you told him you would not recuse yourself and you would loyally support his position?

If Trump has learned one thing from Jeff Sessions, it’s that you must get a guarantee that your appointees will not recuse themselves.

Bonus question:

Have you ever encouraged a woman to have an abortion and / or offered to pay for it? This includes your wife, any sexual partner, a family member, or on behalf of another man.

This may seem like an invasion of Kavanaugh’s privacy, but let’s remember that Roe v. Wade is specifically about the right to privacy.

It’s a fair question in my book. (And a question we should have asked Trump.)

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