Kavanaugh process proves one thing: Sex sells

Currently there is only one topic in the news: the status of the Kavanaugh confirmation. And there is only one thing that this coverage has proven: Sex sells.

We are all more interested in Kavanaugh’s sex life 30+ years ago than we are in what kind of Supreme Court judge he would be.

I’m as guilty as the next person. I claim to be sick of the whole subject, but I still click on news update.

When was the last time I clicked on details about tariffs and North Korea? How about never.

Cable news of all political stripes must be thrilled. People are tuning in like crazy. There’s nothing new to be said, but commentators can quibble all day about who is telling the truth.

Allegedly, it’s all she said / he said. Except that one individual is trashing her entire life for no monetary gain while the other is in line for a lifetime job and the worst that can happen is he retains his current job. (Also, one person must be lying or at least have been so drunk he doesn’t remember what happened.)

Democrats are totally missing what is going on here and have dropped the ball pathetically.

If this was solely about selecting a conservative judge, Trump would have dropped Kavanaugh and nominated someone else by now.

Kavanaugh’s not the only conservative out there. And I assure you that Trump doesn’t care about Kavanaugh’s reputation or how sad the guy’s daughter is or even about preventing abortions.

Trump cares about one thing only: obstructing justice and saving his own ass

Here’s what the Dems should do:

  • Continue to demand all relevant documents relating to Kavanaugh and thoroughly review everything they have received. I hope they have set up a conference table and a coffee pot and have staffers reviewing documents around the clock.
  • Demand a nominee who has not telegraphed his intent that sitting Presidents cannot be tried or prosecuted for crimes.
  • Demand to know if Kavanaugh has promised Trump or anyone on Trump’s team that he would not recuse himself on Trump-related issues.

Fun fact

Kavanaugh testified under oath that he was a virgin until he got married. According to Wikipedia, he was born on February 12, 1965 and he married for the first and only time in 2004. Therefore, he was approximately 39 years old when he lost his virginity.

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