The best thing about Fire and Fury

Less than two weeks ago I blogged about Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House by Michael Wolff. The book was a hot topic way back when but has now faded from our memories, what with “shithole” versus “shithouse” being the issue of the day(s). Oh, and we’re looking at a possible government shutdown.

Looking back in time, I’d like to pull the ancient tome off my electronic bookshelf and highlight my favorite sentence. Too bad the media passed it by.

To put it in context, Steve Bannon is with Trump and his people on an extended visit to the Middle East in May 2017 when he decides that Trump needs his own attorney to deal with the Mueller investigation, similar to the way that Bill Clinton had his own attorneys during the impeachment process.

Bannon abandons the trip midway and returns to Washington to pin down a leading law firm for Trump. The first three firms he contacts turn him down.

Wolff writes:

All of them were afraid they would face a rebellion among the younger staff if they represented Trump, afraid Trump would publicly humiliate them if the going got tough, and afraid Trump would stiff them for the bill.

Eventually, nine firms would turn Bannon down.

My favorite eight words are “afraid Trump would stiff them for the bill.”

As a self-employed writer, I consider nonpaying clients to be the single biggest threat to freelancers’ well-being. Deadbeats are inexcusable.

Bankruptcy has its place, but I despise its use as just another financing tool while Trump continues to brag about what a great businessman he is.

Trump is also known for paying a fraction of bills on a take-it-or-get-nothing basis.

Calling Trump a “master of the deal” is ridiculous. A good deal is a win-win for both parties and fosters an ongoing business relationship.

In terms of legal representation, Trump did not get what he does not deserve.

Serves him right.

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