We’re asking the Law of Attraction to do too much heavy lifting

Are you familiar with the Law of Attraction?

Basically, it’s Positive Thinking on steroids, augmented with rules and promises.

While there are a million personal interpretations of LOA, it’s generally better than Positive Thinking because it’s A Law. Like gravity.

Or like speed limits on the freeway.

Supposedly it’s the answer to every problem in life, from finding true love to curing acne.

And because it is a Law, if it’s not working for you, as promised, by your personally determined deadline, the problem is YOU. It’s a law; it never fails. You screwed up, Buddy.

The problem may be procedural. Source or Universe or God understands everything but the words “no” or “not.”

So if you worded your affirmations wrong, such as “I am not late to work,” you are screwed. The Law enforcer doesn’t hear these two N-words but it hears everything else. So you will be late to work.

But could it be that our expectations are ridiculous?

No way, say the experts. Anything we believe can be achieved.

In fact, we shouldn’t be too specific about how The Big Guy does things. Because He (or She or It) may have a more wonderful answer to our affirmation than we could possibly imagine.

I suggest we are expecting way more from LOA than it can deliver . . . to our detriment.

This problem is most striking when we are building a business or professional practice.

Lots of consultants and coaches and gurus sell business-building programs that are darn pricey. They contend that their four-figure or even five-figure fees are an “investment” rather than an “expenditure” because if you master LOA, all will be roses.

The reason this is such a problem is that LOA-based marketing leads us to financial obligations our business may not be able to meet.

It seems there are many small-business coaches who start out teaching business techniques and then decide that these techniques are not enough.

What people really need is to change their thinking and think bigger. In other words, LOA.

And since LOA never fails, their coaching never fails.

Clients fail because they don’t believe their affirmations strongly enough.

This approach overly simplifies what it takes to build a business. In real life, affirmations and positive thinking are not enough. It takes nuts-and-bolts knowledge and effort to build a business.

Without these, success is unlikely. Even if something wildly wonderful would take place in terms of sales or publicity or whatever, this “success” would be enormously stressful and ultimately UNsuccessful because of weak business foundations.

If you achieve too much too fast, you probably can’t maintain and support such an explosive rate of growth.

Meanwhile you may be locked into paying exorbitant fees depending on what you have signed up for.

Proceed with caution.

It’s quite easy to get in over your head with financial commitments your budding business cannot afford.

It’s happened to me in a small-ish way but it could have been much worse.

How about you?


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