Trump’s America is an ADDers Paradise

It’s an ill wind that blows no one any good, and as someone who is somewhat ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), I must thank Donald Trump.

There’s always something new in the news, and last week’s Moment of Truth recedes in our memories as this week’s new issue takes its place.

Thanks, #45, for distracting us with a new issue every few days, convincing us that there’s a dire emergency that demands our total attention, and then swapping it out for something different. Those of us attracted to Bright Shiny Objects are in heaven.

This week’s issue is sexual harassment and I’ve got to say, this takes the cake for pulling us in. Politics meets National Enquirer.

The consensus appears to be that any form of sexual harassment is punishable so long as the voters haven’t ratified it by electing the man after the facts come out.

That’s why Trump is cool and no one else is.

And why Bill Clinton is coming under another look-see. On one hand we kind of knew what we were getting when we elected him so he’s OK under the Trump Doctrine. He’s a Democrat and I kind of like him. Monica was over 21. Still, the Clinton stories do have a yuck factor.

Now let’s take a walk down memory lane

Remember the Confederate war memorials? Didn’t seem like a big deal to me, considering they commemorated a war that ended over 150 years ago.

Then I found out that some of these monuments were not erected by Confederate descendants and didn’t date back to the 1860s-70s. Actually, some were erected by the KKK solidly into the twentieth century.

There was the take-a-knee controversy. Let every player make his own decision, I suppose.

However, Trump said team owners should fire everyone who doesn’t comply with his demands. As though Trump would screw up a money-making venture to support patriotism, and the team owners’ and players’ beliefs be damned.

But I have to say, my favorite crisis is the possibility of nuclear war with North Korea. Something really worth losing sleep over. I’m so glad it’s behind us and at the end of the week we were still alive. Whew, that was close.

What’s ahead?

Some big polluting accident? Natural disaster? Act of violence? The robots take over? Someplace new we can start a war?

Excitement ahead. I can’t wait to see what next week brings.

Note: I’m not insensitive to the issues. I recognize that people feel very strongly about them, rightfully so. All merit discussion and thought. But this frenetic cycling through issues is crazy.

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