The perfect song for these times

My husband Wayne woke up with just the right song for today, which is pretty remarkable considering that we haven’t heard this song for decades. Remember “If We Only Have Love” from Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well? The song was written by Jacques Brel (obviously) in French, with English lyrics by Eric Blau and... Read more »

America needs better health insurance for part-timers

Chicago is gaining jobs. But too many are part-time without health insurance. Today’s Trib reports on page 2 of the business section that Amazon is holding job fairs in Chicago and five other U.S. cities towards its goal of hiring more than 30,000 people, all full-time and with benefits. The article of course references tech... Read more »

How Trump will lose 2020 Republican nomination

Dems and Indies will cross party lines to vote against Trump in Repub primary. #DumpTrump On November 6, 2018, the nation held a referendum on Donald Trump as President of the United States. He lost. The only national vote that has been held during his nearly two first years in office was for the House... Read more »

Let’s adopt this nickname for Trump

On April 16, someone on “On Point” (NPR radio out of WBUR Boston) referred to Donald Trump as “The Occupant.” Brilliant! It recognizes him as president of the United States of America without placing him on a pedestal he doesn’t merit. “Trump” in itself is OK, but The Occupant acknowledges that he is president without... Read more »

John Kasich will be elected Prez in 2020

No way will Trump be re-elected. First, he may well resign before the end of his term as his popularity continues to drop and his legal issues intensify. In other words, he may follow the lead of Richard Nixon, although Trump makes Nixon look like a senior statesman and a real mensch in comparison. Second,... Read more »

Please, Nancy-Chuck, cry uncle. Take Trump’s offer and reopen the government now

Look at the upside of Trump’s offer: DREAMERS safe for three years and government reopens. It’s no longer a “big, beautiful” wall but new sections where appropriate. Our government is back in business. All the pieces in the background that make our lives run smoothly are back in place. And 800 million federal government workers... Read more »

Hire Me: The best freelance marketing I’ve seen in years

Not only is this new idea the best, it’s also the cheapest. Essentially it is free. Here it is: Afix a marketing message to the outside lid of your laptop and use the open laptop wherever potential clients hang out. In this case, web coders Sean Crowe and Thomas Gorczynski of Hacksmith Labs attached large... Read more »

How to succeed as a U.S. freelance writer today

I’ve been a freelance business writer since 1992 (with some regular jobs simultaneously). During that time I’ve experienced substantial success but not the level of financial achievement that many other writers boast of. To put it differently, I know how to market my services and can implement my proven methods consistently to generate lucrative assignments... Read more »

My email to U.S. Congressman Bill Foster re Nancy Pelosi

NOTE: I sent the following email to my Congressman, Bill Foster, this morning. He is among the 16 who have signed a statement that they will oppose Nancy Pelosi as Speaker RE: I volunteered in your campaign & I’m a constituent & I am disgusted with your stance on Pelosi I worked in your office... Read more »

I love Nancy Pelosi. Don’t you?

I see that lots of people seem to hate Nancy Pelosi, almost as many as hate Donald Trump. I don’t see anything to hate, especially among Democrats who don’t have fundamental political differences with her. They say that she’s old and should make way for younger leaders. As a person who is myself old, I... Read more »