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Grit pays off in any context: education, life, and in my mom's story, even death

For the last couple of months, ChicagoNow has held a Blogapalooza. Bloggers are given a topic and have one hour to file a post on that topic. And the topic is: Write about a great challenge faced. By you. By someone else. And so tonight, I write about dying with grace after fighting a disease.... Read more »

Keep an open mind: view mistakes as teaching tools, not mini failures

In the midst of the back to school messages, ice cream socials, and school tours, take time to put the year in perspective.  Students are on a journey, not participating in a race for success.  Yes, there will be some successes.  But there will also be plenty of mistakes and some failures.  That will be... Read more »

Apocalist Now—Gifted Revival List

Well, it’s not the end of the Earth, as we know it. In fact, things are very calm in Chicago! Now that we can look forward to the approaching New Year, it’s time to buckle down and think about some key issues that would strengthen gifted and talented education: 1. Resilience: how can we teach... Read more »