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De-stress school

It’s February—mid school year.  It’s the time schools are notifying parents of  standardized test results and final grades.  It’s a great time for an in depth conversation about school with your child.  In particular, it’s a great time to assess his anxiety level at school. When I first started teaching K-5 gifted students, a fellow... Read more »

The Stern Files: some insightful pieces on gifted and talented education

Some of you may be taking a look at Gifted Matters for the very first time. Before I began writing for ChicagoNow, my blog was featured on WordPress. You may want to review some of the earlier blogs as they are highly relevant to gifted and talented education: Shaping your child’s education in elementary school.... Read more »
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    Rhonda Stern

    Rhonda Stern has been in the field of gifted and talented education since 2000. She is also a certified mediator and an attorney. Currently, Stern is a doctoral student in Curriculum Studies at DePaul University. Stern taught in Highland Park, Illinois for nine years and works with gifted, talented, and twice exceptional students at Educational Enrichment Consulting, Stern sits on the Social and Emotional Committee of the Illinois Association for Gifted Children and is a lecturer and writer on gifted and talented issues. Email Stern directly at

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