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Getting to the heart of darkness: how teachers can challenge institutional racism

Getting to the heart of darkness:  how teachers can challenge institutional racism
I know that it’s summer and teachers are supposed to take well-deserved breaks from thinking about the classroom, but now is not the time to turn a deaf ear, especially since violence, depravity, and institutional racism take no holidays. I wish I could remember a time when the shooting of a black person was not... Read more »

Sweet home Chicago, hoping to inspire you to learn

Another freewrite night. The topic: write about a place you miss. I miss my gifted classroom. I miss the bright shining faces of the students who wanted to make changes in the world now. I miss them giving me reports on solar energy and desalinization plants, or building solar ovens, and designing rovers that could... Read more »

Grit pays off in any context: education, life, and in my mom's story, even death

For the last couple of months, ChicagoNow has held a Blogapalooza. Bloggers are given a topic and have one hour to file a post on that topic. And the topic is: Write about a great challenge faced. By you. By someone else. And so tonight, I write about dying with grace after fighting a disease.... Read more »

What's Under the Hoodie? Somebody's Baby! Somebody's Student!

The best advice that I’ve ever received before I started to teach was to remember that each student was somebody’s baby. I can’t stop thinking about this advice in the wake of the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case and today’s protests. And obviously, neither can many others. Yesterday, a contrite President Obama told the world that... Read more »

The Stern Files: some insightful pieces on gifted and talented education

Some of you may be taking a look at Gifted Matters for the very first time. Before I began writing for ChicagoNow, my blog was featured on WordPress. You may want to review some of the earlier blogs as they are highly relevant to gifted and talented education: Shaping your child’s education in elementary school.... Read more »