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The Federal Reserve Is Not Raising Mortgage Rates This Week

The Federal Reserve Is Not Raising Mortgage Rates This Week
The Federal Reserve starts their Open Market Committee meeting tomorrow and the futures markets are basically giving an interest rate hike a 79% probability (as of last night). So, “interest rates” are going up and that means mortgage rates are going up and that means people will have to buy cheaper houses and that means... Read more »

Why I Bought A Home Now After Renting For 12 Years

Why I Bought A Home Now After Renting For 12 Years
Realtor’s Home Purchase Ensures That Chicago Home Prices Will Crash On Friday, after renting for 12 years, my wife and I became homeowners for the 4th time. Obviously buying a home in Chicago was not a decision that we entered into lightly. When we first arrived in Chicago in 2000 we suffered from major sticker... Read more »

How Low Mortgage Rates Should Change Your View Of High Assessments

A couple of years ago I did an analysis of the tradeoff between assessments and purchase price when buying a condo. In that analysis I concluded that with mortgage rates of 5% a condo assessment that is lower by $100 per month would allow you to purchase a condo that costs $41,311 more. In other... Read more »

A New Twist On Mortgage Rates - More Record Lows?

Just how low can mortgage rates go? It’s been incredible how mortgage rates just keep hitting new record lows every week. The last data I have shows the 30 year at 4.09%! And for over a year now I’ve been thinking that mortgage rates would spike up at any minute. I even tried locking in... Read more »

Despite Falling Home Prices Housing Costs Have Gone Up

With the steady stream of news that home prices continue to plunge in the Chicago area many buyers are waiting to find the bottom. Just yesterday the Case Shiller home price index for Chicago came out and it showed that area home prices have fallen for the 7th month in a row and continue to... Read more »

Did You Just Miss The Lowest Housing Costs In 23 Years?

All the news stories and even this blog tend to focus on either home prices or mortgage rates. But in reality what we should be focusing on is the cost of owning a home, which combines the effect of both the price of a home and the cost of the mortgage on that home. So... Read more »

Have Mortgage Rates Bottomed?

In the last few weeks 30 year fixed mortgage rates have risen rather sharply. As you can see from the graph to the left they have risen more than at any other time in at least the last year. Could this be the beginning of the end for our record low mortgage rates? Quite possibly.... Read more »

Will Greek Debt Crisis Benefit US Home Buyers?

It looks like the Greeks may be inadvertently bearing gifts for the US home buyer.  With the Greek debt crisis escalating there is a “flight to quality” occurring – investors are bailing on the debt of Greece and other European countries (out of fear that the crisis will spread in some way that I’m not... Read more »