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Realtors Desperate To Preserve Mortgage Interest Deduction And Other Government Favors

It looks like the realtors are pulling out all the stops to preserve all the favors they get from the US taxpayer. In addition to their lame Home Ownership Matters campaign they are now in full attack mode with a proposal for a new Realtor Party Political Survival Initiative – basically a $40 annual increase... Read more »

The NAR's Lame Case For Buying vs. Renting A Home

These are scary days for the National Association of Realtors. First the financial markets took away the punch bowl and now the government is getting ready to turn the music off and the lights on. The mortgage interest deduction is under attack and even the biggest fans of giving away taxpayer dollars now believe that... Read more »

Mortgage Interest Deduction In The Sights Of Deficit Reduction

  President Obama creating the National Commission On Fiscal Responsibility and Reform The National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform released a draft proposal today of their deficit reducition ideas and as I’ve previously mentioned the mortgage interest deduction is being targeted. If you look at page 26 you will see that one proposal is... Read more »

Is The Mortgage Interest Deduction Doomed?

I’ve never quite understood why home mortgage interest is tax deductible. It seems to me like the government shouldn’t be in the business of subsidizing people’s lifestyles – the bigger the home that you buy the bigger the subsidy you get. And this is unlike any other purchase you make. If you buy your groceries... Read more »