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Why You Should Be Worried About Rising Mortgage Rates - And The Country

We’ve all heard about how bad our nation’s deficit is but just how bad is it really? As I was catching up on my investment reading and re-evaluating my strategy I started to wonder what the country’s debt situation really looked like. I mean…maybe I need to move to Costa Rica. You can find a... Read more »

Have Mortgage Rates Bottomed?

In the last few weeks 30 year fixed mortgage rates have risen rather sharply. As you can see from the graph to the left they have risen more than at any other time in at least the last year. Could this be the beginning of the end for our record low mortgage rates? Quite possibly.... Read more »

Will Financial Reform Increase Mortgage Rates?

  Mortgage rates are at absolutely stupid levels right now – the lowest in decades. is reporting 4.51% for 30 year fixed mortgages and 3.51% for 5 year ARMs. Recently, these rates have been depressed by the United States’ reputation as a safe haven in a time of increasing uncertainty in Europe. However, do... Read more »