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Congress Approves Extension Of Homebuyer Tax Credit

Since I have 2 deals that were counting on the homebuyer tax credit I have been monitoring this story pretty closely the last couple of days. Like many deals, the contracts were signed before the April 30 deadline and all we had to do was close by today. However, with short sales always taking too... Read more »

Chicago Home Sale Activity Off Slightly After Tax Credit

The burning question among home buyers and sellers is whether or not the homebuyer tax credit was another cash for clunkers fiasco. In other words, did the government only succeed in shifting demand forward by a few months, leaving us all with a dearth of home buying activity for months afterwards? Because if that is... Read more »

Home Buyers Rushed To Buy As Tax Credit Expired

By Thursday the calls requesting showings started to come in fast and furiously. Home buyers were seeing homes for the first time with the intention of signing a contract by midnight Friday. It was hard to reach realtors who were scrambling to show homes and sign deals in a matter of hours. Clearly, anyone in... Read more »

Can You Get The Home Buyer Tax Credit On A Short Sale?

Consider the following facts: There are only 11 days left before the home buyer tax credit expires There are a ton of short sales on the market Short sales can take forever to get approved Given these facts, I’m pretty sure that most agents are avoiding short sales for their buyers that are interested in... Read more »