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Rent vs. Buy: Zillow's Housing Affordability Analysis Is Just Wrong

Rent vs. Buy: Zillow's Housing Affordability Analysis Is Just Wrong
It seems that with some regularity we get a story from some real estate information provider about how buying a home totally trumps renting a home. The last time I debunked one of these stories was a couple of years ago: The Math of Renting vs. Buying a home in Chicago. Now Zillow has come... Read more »

4 Really Crazy Homeowner Tax Laws

4 Really Crazy Homeowner Tax Laws
We all know just how crazy the tax laws are in this country. The CCH version of the income tax regulations runs 14,144 pages but that’s what happens when you commandeer a revenue generating process for social engineering. And it turns out that the country’s housing policies contribute to the problems with some really crazy... Read more »

How To Appeal Your Cook County Property Taxes - The Basics

How To Appeal Your Cook County Property Taxes - The Basics
You probably just got your first half Cook County property tax bill for 2013 and it’s gotten you to start thinking about how high your property taxes are and how you need to appeal them. Now is actually the right time to start thinking about that because more than anything else you need to be... Read more »

How The Housing Bubble Affected Renting Vs. Buying

How The Housing Bubble Affected Renting Vs. Buying
The other day someone on Cribchatter pointed to a Business Insider article of a few weeks ago that featured an analysis produced by JP Morgan Asset Management in which they compared monthly rent to monthly mortgage payments over time. The results of that analysis were summarized in the graph below, highlighted in that article. In... Read more »

How Much Can You Really Save On Your Electric Bill?

A few months ago another ChicagoNow blog (sorry, I can’t remember which one) alerted me to the Power2Switch Web site that allows Chicago area consumers to shop around for the lowest cost electricity providers. This Web site shows you a few alternatives to Commonwealth Edison and the associated savings, which they claim will be about... Read more »

The Case Against Homeownership

You would think that Time Magazine had insulted Vicki Cox Golder’s (the president of the National Association of Realtors) mother the way she reacted to their recent cover story about rethinking homeownership. That link only goes to an abridged version of the print story (I only read the abridged version) but the gist appears to... Read more »

How Can You Have A Mold Free Home?

Home buyers are often justifiably concerned about the presence of mold in a home they might buy. And in today’s housing market, with all the short sales and foreclosures of neglected or abused homes, mold is frequently an issue. Therefore, I asked Joe Cascone of Mold Pro to provide some perspective on mold issues. I’m... Read more »
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