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Will Chicago Home Prices Start To Rise As Sellers Hold Back?

Although I just posted on how Chicago home prices continue to fall at a very rapid rate there is a positive sign on the horizon. It would appear as though Chicago home sellers have finally had enough of falling prices and are refusing to put their homes on the market – they’ve drawn a line... Read more »

Will Tightening Chicago Home Inventories Stop Price Declines?

Will Tightening Chicago Home Inventories Stop Price Declines?
We regularly track 2 – 3 bedroom condo inventories in Chicago, measured in terms of months of supply, as an indicator of how tight the real estate market is, which should in theory indicate which way prices will be moving. The idea is that when supply is tight there will be upward pressure on prices... Read more »

Chicago Unsold Inventory Index Indicates Tighter Condo Market

It’s probably just a function of the last minute crunch to take advantage of the expiring tax credit but the supply of 2 – 3 bedroom condos in Chicago at the end of April was at it’s lowest level in 4 years. We just wrapped up our bimonthly analysis of Chicago condo inventory and it... Read more »