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Chicago Housing Boom Ran Out Of Steam in November

Chicago Housing Boom Ran Out Of Steam in November
After 20 consecutive months of double digit growth in home sales the Chicago real estate market is ending the year with rather flat year over year sales. When the Illinois Association of Realtors announces the official numbers in a week and a half they are likely to report a slight decline of about 0.3% –... Read more »

Is Chicago Really The Hottest Urban Center In The US?

Is Chicago Really The Hottest Urban Center In The US?
Crain’s published a pretty interesting article yesterday on how Chicago’s Mega Loop is the hottest urban center in the US. The article is chock full of interesting observations and statistics but I’m not sure what to make of it all in light of all the other factors that seem to contradict their basic premise and... Read more »

The Math Of Renting Vs. Buying A Home In Chicago

The Math Of Renting Vs. Buying A Home In Chicago
In the past week I must have seen at least 3 different news stories about how buying a home is better than renting a home. Most prominent among these stories was the Trulia blog post with the headline that Buying A Home Is 45% Cheaper Than Renting. The 45% number is the average savings associated... Read more »

November Home Sales Finally Show Meaningful Improvement In Chicago

When the Illinois Association of Realtors releases the November home sales numbers for Chicago and Illinois in two weeks they will once again show a significant increase in closings over last year – this time approximately 20.3% higher. However, as I’ve pointed out on numerous occasions, it’s not really appropriate to compare 2011 sales to... Read more »

Fewer Condos To Choose From Could Support Prices

As I’ve mentioned before Chicago home sellers have become so frustrated with the record low home prices that many have just abandoned the idea of selling any time soon. They have either decided to stay put under less than ideal circumstances or they are becoming landlords – even if it means losing money every month.... Read more »

Realtor Association Cleans Up Their Housing Data

Today, and two days after the originally scheduled release date, the Illinois Association of Realtors announced the June home sales statistics for Chicago, the greater metro area, and all of Illinois. The reason for the delay was that the IAR was working on getting to the bottom of some pretty serious data errors that led... Read more »

Is Chicago's Housing Market As Bad As Detroit's?

I find it hard to believe that Chicago’s real estate market is anywhere near as bad as Detroit but I was shocked to learn that the serious delinquency rate for first liens in the broader Chicago metro area at the end of 2010 was in excess of 11% and actually slightly higher than Detroit. I... Read more »

Will Chicago Home Prices Start To Rise As Sellers Hold Back?

Although I just posted on how Chicago home prices continue to fall at a very rapid rate there is a positive sign on the horizon. It would appear as though Chicago home sellers have finally had enough of falling prices and are refusing to put their homes on the market – they’ve drawn a line... Read more »

More Chicago Agents Leave The Real Estate Business

More Chicago Agents Leave The Real Estate Business
Well, it’s not really any surprise is it? About this time every year I check to see how many real estate agents are left in Chicago and since I’ve only been doing this since the real estate market has been in the dumps I’ve seen a pretty steady decline in that number. From last February... Read more »

Chicago Home Sales (Half Distressed) Still Lagging In January

Even though the Illinois Association of Realtors won’t be reporting on January home sales in Chicago for another 2 weeks I can give you a pretty good idea of what they will tell you right now: home sales were down 17% from last year. Actually, that won’t be the headline. As we often see they... Read more »
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