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Beware Public Act 94-1049 When Buying A Foreclosed Condo In Illinois

Beware Public Act 94-1049 When Buying A Foreclosed Condo In Illinois
If you look at an MLS listing for a foreclosed condo (and by this I mean bank owned) in Illinois it will often say “Public act 94-1049 may apply”. Usually this statement is in the description that the public can see but sometimes it’s in the agent remarks, which may only be visible to real... Read more »

Chicago's Hottest Condo Neighborhoods

Chicago's Hottest Condo Neighborhoods
I finally got around to this long overdue post about Chicago’s hottest neighborhoods and then quickly realized what was obvious: the neighborhoods that look the hottest depend upon whether or not you are looking at condos or single family homes. So I decided to start by looking at Chicago’s condo market, which is actually easier... Read more »

Developer's Closeouts In The South Loop's Columbian - Good Deals?

Kind of boring
As I mentioned last week I recently got an email promoting the high cooperating commissions being offered by The Columbian at 1160 S Michigan, in Chicago’s South Loop. As I’ve previously posted, such offers don’t make a lot of sense to me and reek of desperation so I was very interested to attend their open... Read more »

Why A Mortgage May Be Hard To Get: The No Lend List

Russ Martin of Perl Mortgage sent out a newsletter late Friday with an example of one lender’s No Lend List – basically a list of condominium developments that they will not lend to. Although he was not at liberty to provide the bank’s name he did indicate that it was “too big to fail”. Here... Read more »

How Long Does It Take To Sell A Home In Chicago?

As you might expect the answer is “it depends”. And up until a few weeks ago I couldn’t even easily answer the question because a while back I discovered that there were some serious problems with the Multiple Listing Service data over the past few years and this has caused many realtors to provide incorrect... Read more »

Crain's Reports Some Trump Tower Sellers Made Money?

Who would have thought it possible? Condo sellers actually selling at a profit in this real estate market? Well, take this story with a grain of salt. Earlier this week Crain’s reported that the early buyers in the Trump Tower have actually sold their condos at a profit. Although it seems hard to believe, when... Read more »
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