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Will Chicago Home Prices Start To Rise As Sellers Hold Back?

Although I just posted on how Chicago home prices continue to fall at a very rapid rate there is a positive sign on the horizon. It would appear as though Chicago home sellers have finally had enough of falling prices and are refusing to put their homes on the market – they’ve drawn a line... Read more »

Chicago Condo Inventory Still Unseasonably High

We recently updated our market statistics for several Chicago neighborhoods (looking specifically at 2 – 3 bedroom condos) and for the 6th month in a row condo inventory remains fairly flat with an 18 – 19 month supply. As you can see from the chart above that is still high for this time of the... Read more »

Chicago Condo Inventory Rising Again; Market Time Trend Unknown!

As we expected, once the tax credit expired the number of contracts being written on Chicago homes plummeted. Consequently, home inventory is back on the rise. I tend to focus on 2 – 3 bedroom condos as a measure of home inventory since I see that as appealing to the most people. In addition, I... Read more »