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Free Babies With Purchase Of Condo?

Must be a new condo promotion…free babies if you close on a purchase by July 1? They must be twins. Just another example of bad realtor photos. If you are going to give away the twins you need to let us see their faces. Heck…one of them is facing the wrong way and they’re not... Read more »

Worst Realtor Photos Ever: The Leaning House And Other Atrocities

Worst Realtor Photos Ever: The Leaning House And Other Atrocities
We just ran across these absolutely horrible real estate photos. What makes them so terrible is that we found them all on one listing. Never before have I seen a collection of almost every fatal photography flaw in one place. I say “almost” because the focus was actually pretty good so the realtor (these certainly... Read more »

Bad Realtor Photo: Giant Grass Head Emerging From Wall

It’s been about 30 minutes and I’m still laughing. I know I’ve got a winner when I’m furiously flipping through property photos and I run across something at 10 O’clock at night and I have to stop to post it. This bad realtor photo is bad on so many levels: It doesn’t tell you anything... Read more »

2 Bad Realtor Photos In One Day

It’s always a good day in real estate when I can start and end the same day with a great chuckle over some of the worst realtor photos ever. Adding to my collection, I started yesterday with this photo – apparently appealing to film processors. Then I ended the day with this shot of the... Read more »

The Blob That Ate The Suburbs

Every so often as I’m going through real estate listing photos I run across one that almost causes me to drop my lap top. Inevitably some real estate agent thinks that owning a digital camera makes them a photographer – as if spending $100 on professional photos for a $500,000 listing is asking too much.... Read more »