The Ultimate In Home Security - From South Africa

There's this email that has been circulating for a while allegedly showing a home in South Africa that has the ultimate in home security. There are also a few Web sites going back to April that show these same photos - usually with the title Home Security South African Style. The house is amazingly cool and, if for real, it is truly astonishing that someone built a home like this. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find the original source of the photos or find out anything about exactly where this home is but I have found numerous references to the fact that crime is really bad in South Africa.

Check out the slide show below to see how this sleek, ultra-modern, luxury palace turns itself into an impenetrable fortress. As someone pointed out it gives new meaning to the concept of locking the house up at night.

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  • Don't see any slide show; however Osama proved that nothing keeps Navy Seals out.

  • The slide show is at the bottom of the post. Not sure why you can't see it unless you are reading via email or through an RSS reader.

  • In reply to Gary Lucido:

    Using Firefox, but just getting frames with tabs if I want Adblock to block it. Maybe it already is.

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    In reply to Gary Lucido:

    Gary, were you able to find the original source?

    I'm trying as well all over the place and haven't been lucky yet

  • In reply to Joao Henriques:

    No, I never could.

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