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Crain's: Chicago Home Price Changes By Zip Code

Crain’s just released an interactive map for Chicago that shows home price changes by zip code for the first 6 months of the year. Not sure if you can see this without a subscription though. Also, there are a lot of zip codes with no data. However, where the data is available it shows that... Read more »

Chicago Homes Under Contract Taking A Lot Longer To Close

When I reported on September home sales in Chicago a few days ago I noted an apparent disconnect between the number of contracts being written and the closings that were actually taking place. The large and growing discrepancy seemed to imply that it has recently been taking longer for homes to close once they go... Read more »

Chicago September Home Sales Pathetic

When the IAR announces September home sales in a week and a half they will be trumpeting the fact that sales were up about 6.9% from last September. But the reality is the same as it has been for the past 4 months: this time last year was not normal. Sales were way depressed by... Read more »

The Ultimate In Home Security - From South Africa

There’s this email that has been circulating for a while allegedly showing a home in South Africa that has the ultimate in home security. There are also a few Web sites going back to April that show these same photos – usually with the title Home Security South African Style. The house is amazingly cool... Read more »

4 Reasons To Leave Illinois

4 Reasons To Leave Illinois
This is really not a new insight but an article in this week’s Crain’s  about Illinois’ estate tax really got me to thinking about some of the reason’s to move out of Illinois and there are 4 of them that immediately come to mind: taxes, taxes, taxes, and taxes. Illinois politicians love taxes. Hence the... Read more »

Shadow Home Inventory Declining

Many of the housing bears seem to obsess about the shadow inventory of homes that are out there just waiting to depress home prices even further. However, last week CoreLogic released their 2nd quarter report on the shadow inventory of homes and at the national level it showed a decline from 1.9 million units in... Read more »