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Gorgeous Renovated Historic Kenwood Mansion Sells For $715,000

Corner view
I’ve had my eye on this Kenwood house for a while. My wife and I looked at it for ourselves and a client of mine also considered it. In both cases we thought the home was drop dead gorgeous and we were indeed tempted. But we both decided to take a pass. The home is... Read more »

2394 City Of Chicago Employees Earn More Than $100,000

2394 City Of Chicago Employees Earn More Than $100,000
Although this has nothing to do with real estate it does impact your property taxes. Someone shared this link on Facebook yesterday and I thought it was pretty interesting. It’s the City of Chicago data portal. And what it shows is pretty eye opening regarding how this city works: 2394 city employees earn more than... Read more »

How Much Can You Really Save On Your Electric Bill?

A few months ago another ChicagoNow blog (sorry, I can’t remember which one) alerted me to the Power2Switch Web site that allows Chicago area consumers to shop around for the lowest cost electricity providers. This Web site shows you a few alternatives to Commonwealth Edison and the associated savings, which they claim will be about... Read more »