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Physical Inactivity: A Medical Condition Treated by Doctors

Physical Inactivity: A Medical Condition Treated by Doctors
Physical Inactivity: A medical condition treated by doctors. Exercise is amazing. Just about any form of activity that’s purposeful will have a positive effect on your body in some way. For people living with excess weight or disease, exercise has the ability to reverse some conditions, most notably high blood pressure, high LDL (bad) cholesterol... Read more »

Can You Be Skinny Fat?

Can You Be Skinny Fat?
Can you be skinny fat? Imagine this scenario. Two women, Mary and Sally, want to lose weight. Both have about 20 pounds to shed. Mary begins to diet, counting calories, occasionally skipping meals, and skimping on portions. The weight comes off, and before long she’s dropped 20 pounds! Sally, on the other hand, eats healthy,... Read more »
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    Traci D Mitchell

    Traci D Mitchell is a nationally-recognized personal trainer and weight loss coach who has been featured on The TODAY Show, Dr. Oz, Steve Harvey., SHAPE and many more. Traci's a proponent of individualized nutrition and training. Her private clients range from corporate executives to stay-and-home moms. If you'd like to contact Traci about training, public speaking or media-related event, please email traci [at]

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