4 Ways Sleep Burns Fat

4 Ways Sleep Burns Fat

Here are 4 ways sleep burns fat. A good night of sleep has numerous benefits and can work wonders. Unlike changing your diet or following a rigorous exercise program, you really don't need to do anything…other than finding a good place to put your head! Here are 4 ways to get your metabolism fired up without lifting a finger at all. Sleep is food. It’s right up there with water, vegetables and exercise. We can’t live a healthy life without it and if we try to cut corners just a little, it becomes apparent from the inside out.

Human growth hormone (HGH), your body’s chemical messenger that sends signals to repair and rebuild, goes into overdrive after your head hits the pillow. HGH is released about every 90 minutes during sleep and takes care of all parts of our body that need a little TLC, including muscles and skin. It’s no secret why people who sleep a little more tend to be leaner and fresher looking. Muscle develops faster, metabolism increases and fat diminishes.

Leptin, a hormone released by our fat cells that tells us when it’s time to stop eating, is significantly reduced in people don’t sleep enough. On the flip side, ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates appetite, rises. When we sleep less, we’re simply hungrier all day long. The gatekeepers of our appetite are thrown out of whack. A good night of sleep, however, can help bring these two important hormones back in balance, allowing us to push the plate away before it’s too late.

When we don’t sleep enough, our cortisol levels are thrown off the next day. We’re inclined to feel hungrier and a lot more stressed. The brutal combination of stress and hunger is hard to overcome after the wheels are set in motion. In fact, one bad night of sleep can create a ripple effect into the next night, creating higher-than-normal cortisol levels the following evening. A consistent healthy amount of sleep means you’re better able to manage the stressors that come at you in a day, and you’re less likely to fall prey to stress-induced eating!

A full night of sleep is a key player in blood sugar regulation. When we don’t sleep enough, our insulin levels are thrown off kilter. This has an effect on not just food cravings, but how our body stores fat. A body with higher-than-normal blood sugar levels greatly affects insulin and stores fat much easier. Sleep more and you’ll burn fat more effectively.


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