GMO Food: should you have the right to know what you're eating?

When it comes to GMO food, should you have the right to know what you're eating? Big food says no. In fact, they'll lay down millions of dollars to make sure you won't have a clue that most of what you eat could be genetically modified. Big Food companies spend billions of dollars making sure you buy their products. All of us have been sold on the idea, the emotion or the experience that what we're eating is (in some way) good for us. We need to feel good about what we're eating, even if our health tells a different story

It's highly likely that much of what you're eating contains genetically engineered ingredients derived from foodstuffs that have been manipulated in a lab. It's DNA has been tweaked so it grows faster, bigger and more colorful. Some plants are even created to resist herbicides that kill weeds, while others contain genes that produce insecticides to ward off pests. Any food that contains one of these lab-concocted ingredients is said to contain GMO. But you won't find it on any least if these companies have anything to do with it.

A couple of weeks ago, Washington state attorney, Bob Ferguson, threatened the Grocery Manufacturers Association with a lawsuit if it did not disclose the companies that helped finance the campaign against Initiative 522, a measure that would make it mandatory for all food manufacturers to label GMO products. Only after this threat did the association reveal the companies that contributed over $7 million to be used in hopes of defeating I-522.

This issue is not about whether GMO foods are harmful, it's about giving the consumer the right to know what's in the food they're eating. If a company has nothing to hide and believes in their product and what it stands for, why block labeling?

One of the most disturbing things about the companies that want to block GMO labeling  is the growing number of organic or natural food subsidiaries these companies own. Organic and GMO simply cannot coexist.

The following companies, along with several others, have collectively spent millions of dollars to fight GMO labeling.

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