11 Ways Mindless Eating is Making You Gain Weight

Here are 11 ways mindless eating is making you gain weight. If the extra ring around your belly is a mystery and you've already chalked the extra pounds up to a less-than-great metabolism, consider this: maybe it's the amount food you don't realize you're eating. When I work with clients, I always ask them to give me a food journal of some sort. After that we go through it together - either on the phone or in person, I do a little digging. More often than not, there are a usually a few hundred calories that are never factored in. This may not sound like a lot, but here's a little perspective:

50 Additional Calories/Day = 5 pounds/year
100 Additional Calories/Day = 10 pounds/year
150 Additional Calories/Day = 15 pounds/year
200 Additional Calories/Day = 20 pounds/year

...you get the point. While 50 calories from broccoli won't do the same type of damage as 50 calories from candy corn, it's easy to see how calories can really add up. These few extra pounds per year contribute to a phenomenon Americans know all too well: creeping obesity.

I am not a big fan of counting calories; I'd much rather my clients focus on eating clean food all throughout the day. But when we first start out, I want to establish some sort of baseline for food intake. This baseline is determined by current dietary habits, and almost always involves curbing the really bad mindless ones.

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